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Turnitin is a cloud-based software that helps you ensure the quality and originality of your research. It is a powerful tool that checks the content of your research against thousands of print and online resources for similarity and computes the Similarity Index, or the percentage of your work that is unoriginal. It highlights the parts of the research found to be unoriginal and lets you view the exact source where the text was copied from, making it a good plagiarism detector.


Use Turnitin to:

  1. Catch possible instances of plagiarism and be able to revise your paper accordingly (i.e. cite sources properly, improve your paraphrase).
  2. Gauge the quality of your research based on the Similarity Index. This index shows how much of your research is unoriginal. A high Similarity Index may indicate a low quality research because its content is largely composed of the thoughts and perspectives of authors other than yourself. A good quality research involves not only a discussion of related literature but also your critical analysis as a researcher.    
  3. Provide feedback to students' work. Turnitin allows you to review the students' paper and provide annotation, comment, or highlight.   


For more information about Turnitin and for a detailed guide on how to use it, see How to use Turnitin?

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